Unlocked HD7 Updates to Tango

Its been almost 2 months since HTC released an update to their HD7 Windows Phone in preperation for  the Mango Consumer Refresh 3 (MCR3) A.K.A Tango and the time has finally come for Unlocked devices to begin reciving this milestone update for Windows Phone.

Firmware Update Available

HTC HD7 Update Available

The lattest Windows Phone 7 update brings a few new features to the 1st gen Windows Phone devices which will be one of the final major updates to Windows Phone 7 handsets until the next major Windows Phone 7.8 update roumoured for later this year.


HD7 8112 Available

HD7 Update 8112 Available

Some of the major noted features include

  • Support for Lower speced handsets (using 256mb RAM)
  • Enhanced MMS support (Sending multiple images or ringtones via MMS)
  • Overall security updates (believed to fix the SMS Kill bug)


Since the release of 8107 update earlier this year there has been very little movement with the current Windows Phone versions throughout the year. This is however there has been variants released along side the Lumia 900 (8112) in the US followed by Tango which came pre-installed on the UK and AUS Lumia 900. This backlog of OS variants has seen update 8112 and 8773 (Tango) see a simultaneous release as a push to all devices to bring all phones in line with the Lumia 900 launched almost 2-3 months ago.

HD7 Update 8112 Zune Available

HD7 Update 8112

HD7 Update 8773 Available

HD7 Update 8773 Available

Its interesting to note that unlike Nokia’s Lumia 900’s which came pre-loaded with Tango and a ‘Nokia Marketplace’ icon  HTC seems to have opted to keep or is still locked into the default Windows themed Marketplace Icon

Since 2 months ago the unlocked HD7’s have been branded with Windows Phone 7 version 8107 which has been the main OS version for even the Lumia 800 range which launched earlier this year.

HD7 About Screen 8107

HD7 About 8107

One note regarding the Tango updates is no hardware related upgrades were included, as noted a few months back the HD7 received a small firmware update which most believe was a general ‘Pre-Tango’ firmware update. At the stage this last firmware update hit most phones it was noted that Tango was shipping in the next few weeks loaded onto the Nokia Lumia 900 phones from the UK and AUS.

HD7 About Screen 8112

HD7 About 8112 (MCR2)

HD7 About 8773 - Tango

HD7 About 8773 Tango (MCR3)

With both updates successfully applied to my HD7 and the all the improved functions offered by Tango its almost time (Rumoured Q3/Q4) for Windows Phone 7.8 (Apollo) to hit.

HD7 Update Successful

HD7 Update Successful

Its great to still see the life of my HD7 going strong with ongoing support from Microsoft into its 2nd year. With 7.8 bring the next major milestone in the WP7 life cycle I will be interested to give my HD7 a spin once 7.8 hits this year!



This update brings my fleet of WP7 devices as below,

Unlocked HTC HD7

Current Software installed : 7.10.8773.98
Internet Sharing Enabled : Yes
Firmware : 2250.21.51101.707

Vodafone Nokia Lumia800

Current Software Installed : 7.10.8107.79
Internet Sharing Enabled : No
Firmware : 1600.2489.8107.12072

Optus Samsung Omnia 7

Current Software Installed : 7.10.8107.16
Internet Sharing Enabled : Yes
Firmware : 2424.11.9.2

Vodafone HTC Trophy 7

Current Software Installed : 7.10.8107.16
Internet Sharing Enabled : Yes
Firmware : 2250.21.51201.178




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