Jan 22 2012

HTC HD7 MAC Address Bug Fix rolled into 8107

It seems the guys at HTC were sitting in wait for the 8107 patch form Microsoft to roll a few hardware fix’s of their own into the mix to fix a few issued plaguing their 4.3″ HD7.

Recently after getting in contact with HTC it was confirmed they were working on a fix for the MAC address found in bootloader “5.10.2250.0(132968)” and with the recent 8107 patch also came the bootloader “5.11.2250.0(13440)”

HD7 Pre 8107 Update

HD7 Pre 8107 Update

HD7 Post 8107 Update

HD7 Post 8107 Update

This is great news for HD7 owners who have been suffering from this issue for some time ( i know i have been having alot of problems with my home WiFi when rebooting the handset) and based on my WiFi security access list, my HD7 has now been reset back to its stock MAC address.

It is one thing to also not regarding this patch that the Firmware in this update has also been upgraded from 2250.21.51002.707 -> 2250.21.51101.707

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