Where I’ve Been, Where I am, Where I’m Going

Looking back at the previous 3 years (Since my last public post) things are looking very un-loved on the public side across my channels.

However, I believe it’s now time to revisit where I was, where I am and most importantly, where I’m going as the last few years of pondering have sparked a few thoughts.

Where I’ve Been

Looking back at my last post, being some years ago now, there’s been a lot of going on which has taken me away from keeping my systems up-to-date and ahead of the game.

One thing I did notice was a lot of my posts I invested large amounts of time into, seem to be one of many which were already available online from countless other providers. Looking at the history, the blog I was focusing and spending time on, became no more than another news site posting the latest updates/news for various platforms and devices.

There was one article which seemed to spark a greater interest and a draw to my posts (Qi Charging Shelf) which made me think if the previous direction I had taken was simply consuming time with no achievable good.

However as with all, life started to take control, the ability to sit down and project my thoughts and opinions took a side seat while work took the helm. Since the time of my last post there was a shift in my focus from wanting to be first to the web with the latest information to wanting to be part of the community and the content which fuelled it. There was a time where I focused on building my love and passion for gaming with the development of my Twitch channel (which can be found in-line with the blog) and social presence around the web.

With this change in content direction/life and going from ‘news’ based content to a focus on ‘content creation’ the essence of this site would go untouched with the online existence forever sliding into the archives of the internet with little to no slowing down.

Along with this general shift in my focus, work life also begins to shift during the same period, adding to the reduction in social and public activity. As with any work/life situation, you can’t have all of one and none of the other to avoid both falling into a spiral and taking everything else with it. During my own cultural shifts, the workplace also took a shift where the joy of working with technology became a job not a passion.

There would be days when I would be asked ‘How can you go from sitting in front of a computer all day at work, come home and sit in front of a computer all night… Don’t you get enough of it during the day’. These types of comments always bring me back to a saying ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’ which in the IT space is key. IT has always been a passion of mine and working in the day with a computer in IT and coming home to a computer has just always been a thing for me, along with gaming and the for ever shifting trends in IT.

However, as these above days became few and far between there had to be a shift in my focus and direction to put a halt on this toxic spiral before the damage was too severe. However, there is always a shining light and a path we all have available, to hit the brakes on the spiral and take us onto better and greater things, which turned my job back into my passion.

Where I Am

Since putting the past where it belongs, in the past, and moving on, learning from what once was, the shift became more apparent leaning more to the content creation and unique content focus. As my online existence took a further back seat from work it allowed me to develop myself with the same focus I already knew was lacking around the creation aspect and standing out online, not standing in-line.

With my change in work it leads me engage with the business community more broadly than I ever have before which has given me the options to focus my social works around my day-to-day business activity. The transition in my work role have given me access to a wider audience than I would ever have access to previously along with showing there is a massive audience and demand available for business focused content.

After almost 2 years since my current shift in work roles and now beginning to settle into my current roles, it’s starting to look like now is one of the best times to begin re-igniting my focus around unique content creation and begin building the system which once was.

Being at the level with my work it allows me to work closely with key figures in the IT arena while having the freedom to express my agnostic opinion across the range. Along with the working in a non-toxic environment, allowing me to venture into new and developing territories the openness available to me is widening with the breadth of technology providing a fresh sense of change ahead.

Where I’m Going

Seeing where I have come from since my original posts and my ongoing posts (noting which content has drawn the most attention and feedback) will see one of the key changes in the content I produce. I will be focusing on a unique target around the type of content which land on these pages compared to those which land on my social channels. Along with the goal of bringing this site out of the dark archived corners of the web and seeing a lot of the content posted focusing around items which interest me and I see of interest in the IT business zones.

My plan for this page is to bring my social ecosystem full circle, from the business focus of my work life, to my gaming and IT passion of my personal life, all while expressing my own opinion and keeping the content affiliate free when possible. Based on my current daily operations I can already express a lot of information which I believe is lacking in the IT Business scene while being able to focus my content around growing market segments.

I will not be giving a guarantee that the information which will land on this page will be of any interest to the masses, however it will be my content which I plan to produce and maintain. The content will also go towards cementing myself in the community and the channel where applicable while also focusing on my own personal goals on content creation which I see as required or beneficial.

Although the focus of this site will have a shift from a ‘news’ style approach, there will still be avenues where my IT passion will also take centre stage to cover some aspects of my daily life which don’t focus around business in any particular field. Gaming will always have a place with me and I’m hoping to begin building on my gaming based content and activities around exhibitions which are in the area as the public image of gaming grows in this market.


So with this I’ll leave it now with the long term goals to provide a stream of content, as demand and needs present themselves to cover items which interest me and which I hope will interest others. The opinions and comments made on this and my social platforms will be that of my own and not a direct affiliation of the companies/products discussed.

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