Oct 26

Zune Pass Coming Down Under for $11.99

It is a great day for Australian users today with the surprise announcement from Microsoft them self that the infamous Zune Pass will be making its way down under for a reasonable $11.99.

Its been some time now since Microsoft launched its Zune services in the US and has only recently launching the Zune Pass to Canada. With all the recent chatter over the other side of the globe about Zune pass it did some as a nice surprise when today Microsoft announced, along slide the Kinect learning how to speak Aussie, that Australia will be blessed with the Zune Pass on November 16th, along with 11 million songs at launch.

It was originally rumoured that Zune would be coming to Australia soon when images surfaced of some sample tracks started to show up to Aussie’s who had developer access via Zune back in July as reported by iStartedSomething.

Recently Microsoft has done some re-structuring of the Zune Pass which is what is believe to be coming to AUS, like Canada. When Zune launched in the US and until only recently, Zune Pass holders have been able to keep 10 tracks per month of songs under their subscription. When Zune launched in Canada recently, there was a noticeable difference in the services offered. One of the most important was the price of the pass. Shortly after the launch of the Zune Pass in Canada Microsoft also changed the pricing and policies of the US Zune Pass (Specifically removing the 10 track free per month policy and reducing the number of devices linked to 1 account).

The Zune Pass will officially be launched on November 16th as Microsoft reports.


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