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The Internet is in a quick rush to install and play with Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 release but like many others there has been some issues for users trying to boot up Microsoft’s latest Windows Developer Release.

Windows 8 HAL

Just what do you think you


One of the major issues going around since the release of Windows 8 is an error being displayed is only known as the HAL issue.

This error is showing in 2 forms depending on the software being used.

VMWare Users

VMWare users the error is reading as :



Windows 8 VM Error

Virtual PC Users

Virtual PC users are reporting the same/similar error as :

0x0000005c 0x00000110 0xFFD05000 0x00000019 0xC0000001

Windows 8

Virtual Box Error Code


So far the only way to resolve this error is to use VirtualBox which has no issues installing on most compatible hardware (As this is an application it does require shared resources so a slightly powerful machine is required).

There has been reports that Microsoft Hyper-V running on Server 08 R2 has been successful in running Windows 8, but i do not have these setup and cannot confirm if this does or doesn’t work. I have only been able to get a working copy of Windows 8 under a Virtual Box environment.

Windows 8 Boot

Image of Windows 8 first boot

Windows 8 has been released to the public and is available from Microsoft.

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